Is beauty changing the way we see ourselves? Restylane Kysse can help you.



Is beauty changing the way we see ourselves? Restylane Kysse can help you.

Beauty is a relative concept that has been around for many years.

We have seen different types of beauty and patterns of appearance and style over time.

The integration of social media into global communities has influenced human activity and the way we see ourselves. With new rising stereotypes, we are starting to see ourselves from another perspective.

In the past beauty could be represented by having small eyebrows and thin lips, like can we see on Monalisa from Leonardo da Vinci. Later we could see some changes and admire women like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, with curvy bodies, naturally repaired teeth and rounded cheeks. 


The last decade of those beauty concepts brings for itself new eyes from non natural changes, using cosmetics like laser treatments, Hyaluronic Acid Use, Hydrafacial treatments, lots of makeups and even using dermal fillers procedures to reach perfect results improving beauty and confidence. . 


The last decade has seen a shift towards more artificial methods of achieving beauty, with cosmetics, surgery, and make-up being used to achieve ideal results.

This year, 72% of cosmetic surgeons reported an increase in patients wanting to improve their appearance for selfies, up 15% from 2018.

Additionally, the percentage of patients requesting procedures because they saw it done by a celebrity rose 4%.

As a example related searches to “lip filler” with the greatest increase in frequency were “Kylie lip filler” and “Kylie Jenner before lip filler on the same period on July 2018 corresponded with when Kylie Jenner, a popular social media influencer and celebrity, was heavily promoting a lip cosmetic product via Instagram (Rekawek, Peter. Wu, Brendan, 2021).


Some others inspirations of those days can be related to some famous person like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Ariana Grande and lots of famous faces.

As the demand for lip fillers has increased around the world, new products have been developed to meet this demand. Restylane Kysse® is one such product that has shown outstanding results, needing less time to act than other products on the market, with long-lasting results and few allergic reactions.

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